IVSZ is the largest and most significant leading interest group of the Information and Communication Technologies industry in Hungary.  The association operates as a joint platform for the information technology, telecommunications and electronics sectors ever since it was founded in 1991. Due to ICT being one of the most dynamically expanding and developing industries in the world, it has a significant role in the economic prosperity of Hungary. Therefore, with reference to the increasing dominance of the sector, the Association of Hungarian ICT started having a serious role in the Digital Transformation of Hungary. With clearly communicating the innovative industry trends and relevant concerns, the association is also dedicated to implement and spread the importance of the digital economy. Therefore, IVSZ has always been aspired to effectively represent the sectorial and social interests and strategic goals of the Hungarian information society and the ICT sector. As the association has approximately 450 precious member companies, representing their interests is also critical.


The Hungarian ICT industry is an ever expanding, dynamic field with innovative ideas that are worth investing in. The increasing number of innovative companies in the information and communication technologies sector indicates the progression. However, the industry does not realize its full potential yet, as statistics indicate a scarcity of approximately 22,000 IT experts in the Hungarian market while there are further export opportunities for the companies as well. To battle this, the association strives to emphasize the great possibilities in the sector and the importance of digital economy. Furthermore, it is important to communicate the relevance of education with special focus on information technologies, as it is required for the development of the digital economy.


Mission, visions & objectives

In accordance with the aforementioned principles, our primary objective is to symbolize the interests of our precious members and the SME sector. The sector represents approximately HUF 180 billion of the Hungarian ICT exports, and the whole ICT sector contributes 12 percent to the entire Hungarian GDP annually. The way we see it, the Hungarian ICT sector is the major driving force of innovation with companies on the global market having unique competitive advantages in software development. Unlike other traditional industries, it is almost entirely value-added and based exclusively on human expertise, knowledge and experience available in Hungary.


Another goal of the association is to create an internationally integrated and innovative ICT sector in Hungary. For over 25 years, IVSZ has evolved into a major and individual organization in the field of Hungarian information technology, and therefore it functions as a crucial and pioneer member of the industry. The main mission of the organisation is to contribute to the continuous development of the Hungarian information society and knowledge-driven economy by identifying and elaborating breakthrough points and through intensive lobbying. This mission clearly indicates all the aims and goals of the association.

However, the real value and power of IVSZ lies in its broad professional knowledge base made up of many highly qualified professionals, who play a key role within the domestic intellectual capital stock. Furthermore, IVSZ strives to be a perfect knowledge base and communication organization to foster business and to promote and support the reputation and recognition of the ICT sector. As recognition of our professional competence and workshop activities, government and professional organizations (e.g. NFM, NGM, NFÜ and NIH) all consider the Association of Hungarian ICT as an indispensable, independent and strategic consulting partner within the ICT industry.


Strategic Objectives

IVSZ has defined three important strategic objectives: industry development, market expansion and the development of IT education. Accordingly, IVSZ aims to focus all its available resources on these identified priorities. Furthermore, the organization has recently begun to realize the great potential in ICT export and thus started to concentrate on this field as well. Therefore, the association has just introduced its export guide to ease the international market entry procedure of Hungarian companies and to help their orientation in the entry process. Finally, we also encourage companies to start exporting, as it would bring about huge advantages.



Among the prominent 450 members of the association there are several Hungarian small businesses that have already reached recognition in their own field and that are also widely known in the global market. The members are categorized based on their size and activity. Member companies range from the prestigious multinational firms to small unique start-ups. The members do not solely consist of prestigious national and multinational firms from all over the world like T-Systems, Vodafone, Cisco or IBM but also include all the Hungarian key players. Important small and micro firms with Hungarian origins are for instance: XAPT HUNGARY, BalaBit or Precognox Ltd. This active membership contributes efficiently to the activities of the organisation.


IVSZ must also maintain a strong and long-lasting relationship with Hungarian government bodies in order to establish the legal environment for a competitive Hungarian ICT sector. Representing our members’ interests in the European Union is a significant task of the association, and so we are a member of DIGITALEUROPE, the largest lobbying organization in the digital technologies field in Europe and have been working together with them for more than fifteen years.