Going digital and being digital is crucial in the 21st century. The ICT sector became a horizontal sector; it has infiltrated into all traditional sectors and helps also the smallest members of these sectors, the micros, small and medium sized enterprises become more effective, successful, and competitive at national and international level.


Most of those who face this and do not live their every days in digital circumstances have doubts and fears. Take our word for it: this is good because you realized that you need to make a step forward and can ask and learn from others. The digital entrepreneurs of the future are around us and some of them have serious doubts on how to become a good digital start-upper, how to become an entrepreneur, how to find facilitators, mentors, clients, and funding.


watify-logoIVSZ’s Watify campaign (funded by the European Commission) helped to bring light into this dark tunnel and showed success stories, business cases and most of all people who made it! Learning from their personal experiences will help you too to make the next step and become a digital entrepreneur. Our events targeted both young people who could become digital start-uppers as well as leaders of traditional companies (e.g. farming) who are facing a serious decision which will bring the developments of the 21st century into their businesses.

Application of the year in 2014:

openaxel-logoIVSZ cares also for those that are already a step further, have a good idea, and started to work on it but need help in finding mentorship, funding and networks for growing. The OpenAxel project (funded by the EC’s 7th FP) provides an overview of the European acceleration ecosystem, the main players, and what is more important you can find on our portal information on opportunities that can help to step forward and go international. Its two international competitions offered 18 start-ups the chance to visit Silicon Valley, get the feeling of the SV business life and make contacts that can bring them further ahead. The new OpenAxel portal gathers for you the upcoming start-up competitions of the registered accelerators and other relevant organizations.